Violin plucker, Eduard Minevich

Ed doesn’t like to limit his musical tastes. Although strictly classically educated at the prestigious St. Petersburg Conservatory in Russia, he is not strictly a classical musician. He particularly likes to explore the worlds of Jazz, Gypsy, Klezmer and his favorite, Tango. Ed’s musical career has been a cosmopolitan one, taking him around the globe as a soloist and music director, playing for such eminent state figures as President Putin, Prince Charles and his mum, Queen Elizabeth. He and Canadian fiddle champion, Frank Leahy, wrote and arranged the shows Bending The Bows and Road To Carnegie, which they have performed with many, major Canadian and American orchestras. Since arriving in Regina as Concert Master of the Regina Symphony Orchestra he has been thrilled to undertake new musical adventures with his soul mates, Jack and Steve. He especially enjoys arranging music for the “Pluckers”.