3 True Jive Pluckers + 1 Audience = An Event

Ed Minevich (violin), Jack Semple (guitar), and Stephen McLellan (bass) together form the True Jive Pluckers. These three dynamic showmen defy the traditional, the ordinary, and they do this by combining their individual talents, charm and years of experience as musicians, to create shows that encompass a broad variety of musical genres. Everything from jazz to blues, swing, rock, country, klezmer, gypsy, classical and tango, with their own original arrangements and some original compositions - they do it all and they do it very well.

You may have seen them perform their symphony orchestra pops concerts, Hot and Cool, or Jive Alive. You may have heard them in Tango, a three-hour concert broadcast across Canada by CBC radio (February '08) or playing for the sold-out Regina Jazz Society concert in the Casino Regina Show Lounge (Spring '09). Perhaps you saw them at Mozart in the Meadow with the Regina Symphony Orchestra or maybe you've heard them at any number of special events in and around the country? If you have, you'll remember the True Jive Pluckers are all about combining fine musicianship with some gorgeous music, and lots of fun. Whatever the programme, whatever the venue; whether it's a small intimate audience or an audience of thousands, this particular band of merry men will appeal to a broad spectrum of listeners with toe-tapping, hand-clapping entertainment the whole family can enjoy.

The True Jive Pluckers are delighted to be performing in your community this year with the "We Are Here" tour. They will provide a superb performance with very little in the way of technical requirements. Just send them a map and they'll find their way to your venue, instruments in tow.

They have been heard by CBC Radio audiences as featured artists on Sound Exchange as well as in 2 concert performances for Canada Live (2010).

They appeared in performance at the Vancouver Olympics (2010).

Featured artists with the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra (2010).

Toured Saskatchewan in 2009-2010.

Manitoba Tour 2013-2014.

"The Pluckers are Coming!"

For more information contact:
TJP Management
(306) 584-1980 Vox & Fax